Hydraulics Sandbox Downloads and Information


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This is software for allowing students to ‘build’ a hydraulics system and verify their connections are legal. It does not perform simulations of operations.

Power Point from the National Aircraft Training Symposium (NTAS), at Emery Riddle, 2022. (with short video embedded)

PDF of the presentation.

Please see the Use Instructions.

Version: 1.50, January 10th, 2022


Windows 64:

When installed, a desktop icon is created, and a program group is created containing:

-          The software link

-          The instructions for use

-          A link to this page

-          A manual updater should revisions be posted here.


We’ve not tested it on Linux. The updates should work. Please let us know how it all runs – support@selmaware.com


We tried to make an installer download that MacOS would like. We failed – Apple would not ‘notarize’ the EXE installer file to make it allowable to download and run. We are making the source code available for building locally (any platform).

1.       Download the zip (you may need to extract it)

2.    Download and install Processing 3 – Free Java Software.

3.    Open HydraulicsSandbox.pdeit should use Processing 3 to open it.
4 files should open in the application

4.       Run to test - Test it by ‘running’ it (the play button)

5.    Export to an EXE - FileàExport Application to build your EXEs

6.       Distribute the exported files locally with flash drives.

Updates must be checked for on this page manually.

Thanks, we hope it helps in your educational endeavors!

Martin Hebel & Dr. Karen Johnson
Aviation Technologies
Southern Illinois University Carbondale