StampPlot Examples of various sensors available from Parallax for use with the BASIC Stamp

TAOS TCS230 Color Sensor

Figure 1 - Detected Color Plot

The TAOS TCS230 Color Sensor uses white LEDs and color sensors to resolve an object's color to its blue, green and red composite colors. The StampPlot interface plots the value of each color and a 'seen' color at the top of the plot.  Vertical bars and text boxes are used for easy reading of color values. Note the rise and fall of Red, Green and Blue through the gradients of a test pattern.

Figure 2 - Generated Test Color Plot

Stamplot and the BS2 were used to generate a color test pattern which could be used to test.  Figure 2 is of the BASIC Stamp stepping through the RGB colors and having StampPlot plot it. The Boe-Bot was then used with TCS230 mounted on it to drive across the printed test pattern at a constant speed, the results of which are in Figure 1.  Compare the rise and fall of RGB in the generated colors to the detected colors.  

Figure 3 - Comparison of Generated and Detected

Figure 3 is a comparison of the generated and printed pattern (top) and the TCS230 resolved pattern.  Note: this was done without adjusting the white balance.

StampPlot Macro (Version3 Release 6 of StampPlot recommended) taos_tcs230.spm
BS2 File StampPlot Tcs230Demo.bs2
BS2 Color Generator file StampPlot_color_bar_generator.bs2

Look for more examples soon!




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