MakerPlot-J Beta Revision Notes

Planned final release date: Jan 1st, 2024

Known Serious issues: Windows 64-bit

_ Various error messages concerning controls may be shown in the Debug/CLI window when opening interfaces or settings. These are non-critical and will be addressed in due course.

_ MacOS and Linux versions need work on icons and associations. Not yet tested on Linux – Send us some proof you tested and results and get a free license!

General Release as of Oct 1st 2022 and release 0.980 (See below for more current):

While still officially a ‘beta’ until the help files and digital plots are finished, this update does have restrictions but no expiration date.

_ 30 day use limit after which serial connection cannot be made.
_ Various menus will no longer function.
_ While not registered with purchased codes from , there is a 30 minute limit on connection times and saving an interface will only save the first 5 controls placed on the interface.
We have changed the license keys. MakerPlot- registrations keys will need an upgrade. If you purchased a license after July 2022, please Email us with your old registration key:  If not, please see our upgrade or purchase options at
New codes are prefixed with MakerPlotJ vs. MakerPlot


Version 0.99800 - August 8, 2023

_ improved plot timing resolution from 1mS to 200nS!

_ Increased instruction and data processing speed by nearly a factor of 10!

_ Greatly reduced CPU usage under light plotting needs!


Version 0.99702 – August 3rd, 2023

_ Fixed a problem introduced into plot.plotChan

_ Prevents deleting a control when not in Edit Mode.


Version 0.99701 - July 31, 2023

_ Moved Shorthand Edit to the Edit menu...

_ Added Import Shorthand List to import from other interface directories.

_ Added ! to store a review point in code (like s key) that can be revisited using b (back) and f (forward) keys.

_ Suspend shifting when b is press to review a stored point. Press space to resume shifting.

_ Increased number of stored points to 100.



Version 0.99700 - July 31, 2023

_ Added 3D Circle Macro Child Interface, use File --> Run Macro from Folder

_ Fixed a problem with states of standard radio buttons.

_ Added post-Plot formulas to Analog Plot Settings to allow applying a formula to a plotted channel without affecting the raw data to plot it. Please see Settings Window.

_ Moving a plot manually will cause shifting to pause. To re-enable shifting:

Hit the space bar

Move the X-scrollbar full right

Drag the plot so the end is before X-Max

_ Hitting space-bar while plotting will pause plotting. Hit it again to re-enable plotting. Ensure cursor is over the plot.

_ Added Shorthand features for sending serial data or using the Debug/CLI, so that long strings can minimize controller memory and transmission time. These are not meant for use in Event Code. For examples, the following defines a shorthand term and definition:

^pcn^          !plot.drawCircle [],[plot.ch0],3,RED

Please see the Main Interface's Edit Menu for more information.

_ Added a PDF of the reference file to Help per user request.

_ Returned to 30 Day evaluation with 30-minute connection limit.



Version 0.99655

_ Implemented a control name refractor - When you change the name of a control it asks if you want to update all controls that referenced this one, so that it will update any event code, properties and update values which referenced that changed control name.


Version 0.99652

_ Mouse over plot and use SPACE-BAR to pause/start plotting.

_ [] can be used in place of [plot.plotTimeSeconds]

_ Added drawFont for drawing instructions on Interface, plots, etc.
!plot.drawFont Arial

_ The Analog plot now has a property, fontDraw, that when selected will issues a !plot.drawFont instruction in-line with other drawing instructions so that different text can have different fonts. Issue first one before any text is drawn if you plan on changing font during drawing.

_ Drawing instruction abbreviations are available to reduce data size and transmission requirements from a microcontroller.


Version 0.9965

_ Changed connection limit to 7-day testing and 10-minute continuous connection limit.
_ Bug fix to stop duplicate named controls from being created.

_ Allows saving an analog plot's axis settings for cycling through saves for data review, allow to mark points while plotting, then pause or stop plotting and review them, or using them for analysis aspects.

            _ Ensure the mouse cursor is over the plot.

            _ Press 's' to save axis settings.

            _ Press 'b' to go back through saved settings.

            _ Press 'f' to go forward again.

            _ Press 'c' to clear save settings.

            _ Current maximum of 20 settings will be saved, after that the oldest will be removed when adding new.



Version 0.9964

_ We have changed the license keys. MakerPlot- registrations keys will need an upgrade. If you purchased a license after July 2022, please Email us with your old registration key:
If not, please see our upgrade or purchase options at
New codes are prefixed with MakerPlotJ vs. MakerPlot


Version 0.9963

_ Various bug fixes.

_ Allows use of ALT-Left-Mouse drag for measurements since right-mouse opens pop-up on pressed on MacOS.

_ Warning for unregistered users that only 5 controls will be saved for an interface file.


Version 0.9962 – July 14, 2023

_ Corrected issues with Saving/Loading Interface Settings and various default paths for files.

_ Expanded saving settings to include nearly all properties except position and code for all controls.

_ Changed Label and Canvas controls to run "click" event code without the <click> if desired.

_ Cleaned up some interfaces.

_ Adjusted Plot Pause to prevent deleting old data points and work with XY Plots.


Version 0.996 – July 12, 2023

_ A number of changes have been made to the analog plot control. Please see the reference files, Updates.

Release 0.995 – June 28, 2023

_ Modified the mouse dX and dY measurement to be a single red line, shift to get the zoom green box.


Release 0.994 – June 25, 2023

_ Added dX and dY to analog plot – drag mouse to get delta values.
_ To zoom analog plot, hold shift while dragging to highlight area. Use ESC key to back out of zoom to prior values.
_ Please use / not \ for file paths

_ Help files are pretty much finished and reviewed
_ Made adjustments to several installed interface files


Release 0.993 – March 25, 2023

_ Modified the text based controls to better use special characters. Please see Special Characters in the help/reference files.


Release 0.992 – March 19, 2023


-         Added save instruction to analog and digital plots
! filename
! mydata_[systemDateDash]


-         Fixed a bug where first item in Interface Editor was not showing help correctly when right-clicked.


-         Added Clear Drawings and Clear Constant Drawings to pop-up menu for plots


-         Added saving of 'normal' plot drawings as well as constant drawings to plot saves/loads

          (Added for digital too)


-         Digital Plots were reduced just single high and low colors instead of per channel.


-         Modified plot snapshot default directory to be the interface's directory, [path] instead of /snapshots to allow different interfaces to use the same filename.
!plot.snap myplot.png


-         Modified the Serial Control:
-- Added choice & property to use the connectionString - ran when connecting
-- Modified colors
-- Made colors  & border color selectable as properties
-- Corrected an issue of reconnecting when disconnecting


-         Greatly Improved CPU usage when images are used as background on main interface


-         Added <cond1> <cond2> and <cond3> Event triggers for logging controls to run code when an event trigger is true.


Release 0.99 – March 4, 2023

_ Large updates to the help/reference files.

_ Multiple !dialogInfo string and !dialogWarning string will add the string specified to the info or warning window instead of creating new windows for each.

_ Added a user property to all interfaces and controls for developer's use.

_ Variables contain ? on creation with no initialization or assignment.
!makeVar varTest
? [varTest]

_ Redeclaring a variable once declared with an assignment will update its value:
!makeVar test=20

It is recommended to create variables as part of a control's or interface's load event:
<load>!makeVar test=20

Use !runLoad to declare and initialize during development in the Debug/CLI.

In Version 0.95 the redeclaration will NOT affect the value of the variable.

_ Added a for-Loop which can use floating point values: forLoopFP

_ Corrected runMacro to place contents on the top of the queue for processing.

_ Fixed a problem converting image paths to [path] when saving the interface.

_ Added !messageShow and  !messageClear to the Message Window instructions help reference.
Also added support for \t and \n.

_ Modified the selectable 7-segment display to have a index scale range of 0 to 9 instead of 0 to 100.

_ Added decimalPlace property to the Canvas Control to define which decimal value in a number to use for indexing. Please see Indexed Decimal Place help reference,


_ Darkened the unlit segments on the 7-Segment display to make values more readable.


Release 0.985 – Oct 8, 2022
- Modified installed interfaces to use !snapInterface instead of !snapDisplay as shown in release 0.980 information.
- Released MacOS Version and Linux Versions (Linux not yet tested by us). File icon files and associations need some work, updater seems to work.

Release 0.981 – Oct 5, 2022
- Correction to the registration code checker, if you have issues using old MakerPlot codes, please let us know.

Release 0.980
_ Reworked ‘snap’ routines
            ‘snap’ takes a snapshot of the interface calling it, but can cause lockups. Can be minimized.
            ‘snapInterface’ takes a snapshot using the OS’s screenshot call of the interface, must be visible, MPJ will attempt to make it so. Must be on the primary display.
            ‘snapScreen’ take a snapshot of the entire primary display using the OS’s screenshot call.

Release 0.975 – 08/08/22
_ Reworked the Serial Port Connect/Disconnect routines
_ Reworked the Control Update code, now updated every 50mS, removed option for Run Updates on Analog/Digital as unnecessary.
_ Modified reference help files to discuss installed code


Release 0.973 – 08/07/22
_ Corrected an issue with serial port disconnecting


Release 0.972 – 08/06/22
This is planned to be the last update with any significant changes as we focus on help file, remaining bug fixes.

_ First release to have a Windows Installer Certification License!
_ Added stack operations to processing values/operations
_ Each control have their own instances of math operations to prevent cross-contamination of the stack
_ Fixed problems with [var++] and similar
_ Improved stack processing


Release 0.970 – 08/03/22

_ Update of installed plot select interfaces.
_ Fixed memory leak of playing sounds
_ For logging control, renamed “logPathFile” to “fileName
_ Added manual logging instruction for logs, !controlName.logData string
_ Added <log> event for logs for manual logging (logData string).
_ Fixed last snapshot names.
_ Refined meter alarming operation:
            _ When alarming is off, properties of .highAlarm and .lowAlarm will be set/cleared depending on data.
            _ Added a .soundAlarm property to silence the alarm but leave alarming enable, accessible through the meter popup menu.
            _ Increased the size of vertical/horizontal meter needles.


Release 0.960 – 07/27/2022

_ Worked on preventing lockups when !snap is issued, little success

_ Added a WatchDog Timer to monitor the queue processing and start a new instance if needed.

_ Added a Macro Menu that lists the macro files in the Macro directory

Release 0.955 – 07/25/2022

_ Various fixes and updates.

_ Fixed an issue with gradual slowing of software when using message data

_ Fixed issue with some registration keys not working.

_ Added a macro to create a plot control interface for any plot.

_ Modified macros to request parameter list from user plus description, added to File Menu.

_ Added “alwaysOnTop” property and menu choice items to child Interfaces.

_ Added “Stay on Top” checkbox to Interface editor.

_ Added time operations to Post-Fix Math.

_ Implemented redundancyCheck for serial control – must receive 2 identical strings before being processed when enabled.

_ Improved graphics scaling routines for image buttons

_ Disabled autoscaling when Reset Scales is used.

Release 0.940 – 07/15/2022

_ Implemented registration licensing, not required for now but can be used.

_ Modified Edit Menu and Edit Mode. Locking edit mode not fully implemented yet

_ Reopened Beta

_ Implemented button Icons

Release 0.925 Beta – 06/30/2022

_ Modified plot control buttons to be more intuitively placed icons

_ Changed formatting of reference files.

Release 0.921 Beta – 06/27/2022

_ Changed thickness of analog/digital plot channels.

_ Changed digital plots to red/green

_ Partial bug fix on digital issues. Still seems to disappear after a while.

Release 0.920 Beta – 06/27/2022

_ Corrected an issue where non-leading 0’s for digital plots were plotted as HIGHs.

_ Added ‘Take Snapshot’ to Interfaces Menu on main and child interfaces.

_ Added ‘Folders’ menu to access common folders.

_ Corrected <load> to show on all controls and NOT show main events unless main selected for the Code Editor.

_ Added “edit comments” to edit window to allow developers to add comment header (name, date, etc.). It’ll be listed in the generated code as comments. (not yet adopted in selectable interfaces)

_ Added “edit about” to edit menu to allow developers to add an about which can be viewed under the “help” menu or opened with !showAbout from code. (not yet adopted in selectable interfaces)

_ Cleanup the edit-->Cut/Copy/Paste menu item.

_ Moved “unlock for editing” to the edit menu.

_ Moved “New Interface” to the edit menu.

_ Adapted code to allow assigning on null. !txtTest=

_ Fixed the forLoop to accommodate values, [], in the string to be processed

_ Various clean-ups of processing code.

Release 0.912 Beta – 06/23/2022

_ Corrected an issue with serial data caused in a recent update.

_ Corrected image paths for controls

_ Added ‘flat’ control ovals to Control Palette.

Release 0.910 Beta

_ Modified load routines to overcome issues with F-keys not functioning on load. Seems to be better?

_ Added logo to screen on load.

_ Added table popups to Debug/CLI and Code Editor. Select and right-click. Select and press F1 to show in Debug text.

Release 0.909 Beta

_ New main interface properties to update controls on analog or digital arrival. Monitor for erratic behavior with high-speed data.

_ Added tooltip to DataLogger to “double-click to configure” for default controls.

_ Reworked paths to show properly based on OS.

_ Hides HX plot button with others

Release 0.908 Beta – 6/20/2022

_ Fixed File --> Load on Start for new installations.

Release 0.907 Beta

_ Corrected many issues seen in beta videos including:

comboBox load, imageRadio buttons not placing, Control Palette and Editor positions, increased control update speed to every 100mSec.

Initial Beta Release: 0.906 Beta