A great example of using specialized graphics (home made images) for an interface.

James Schall is using StampPlot to monitor many environmental conditions, and using his own graphics (Wind direction and weather condition) to add his own flavor to the monitoring interface.

From a Post from James on our yahoo group:
On the weather station I am using 3 home made interface boards and a main board that handles communication to the stamp and the PC running stamp plot. The first board is used to collect temperature, humidity and pressure. The temperature and humidity are read using the Parallax Sensirion SH11 sensor module. The pressure is read using a Motorola MPXA4115A connected to a 12 bit AD converter that reports data back to the stamp. The wind data board consists of the
Fascinating Electronics wind vane and anemometer. The anemometer is also connected to a 12 bit AD converter that sends data back to the stamp. The lightning detector is an adapted design by Tim Bitson that will sense strikes from up to 50 miles away. All three remote sensor boards are connected to the main board via Cat 5-E cable for easy connection. I will be adding a tip bucket rain gauge in the near future. I am also planning on using the temperature and humidity readings to calculate dew point for display on the PC. All data is collected by the Basic Stamp 2 module. Every 60 seconds the data is sent to Stamp Plot for display and plotting. I am using stamp plot to perform all of the math functions to convert the raw data from the sensors into there respective units of measure. This frees up memory in the stamp and allowed me to stick with the cheaper Basic Stamp 2 module as well as the ability to connect more sensors since program memory was not being used to perform math functions. I have found that Stamp Plot is a perfect match for this application and all stamp projects in general that have the need to visually display or plot data. I am planning on getting a license for stamp plot this week and would like to offer the station as a lower priced alternative for schools sometime in the future.

WX1.zip: Zip file of James' macro and specialized graphics.  As recommended, all graphics are in the same directory as StampPlot to make it easy to share as he has done for us! Be sure to extract before opening the macro.

Thanks so much James.

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