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Release 8.5

  • Adds 2nd joystick and pad use to joystick control

  • Fixes problem hiding menus.

Release 8.4

  • Corrects path problems with 64-bit editions

Release 8.1

  • Fixes an alignment problem for TCP/IP properties tab.

Release 8.0

  • Cumulative fixes for Windows Vista Bugs, including data logging to documents directory, opening with associations and others.

  • Added a Joystick control to allow control of ROVs and other devices.

Release 7.8

  • Small fixes to Plot Object and Slider controls

  • Code changes to prevent lock-up on Japanese OS's.

Release 7.5 

Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected time logging when using !LOGD


  • StampPlot may manually grab data being returned from a device.  This is useful to prevent StampPlot
     from processing the data as it normally would. This was added to support configuring the XBee and XBee Pro ZigBee / IEEE 802.15.4 modules from MaxStream. Many other uses may be found.

    Instructions added:
    • !GRAB time  - Grabs returning SERIAL data to be stored in a macro value, GRAB. Time is the number of seconds to wait for incoming data.  If not specified, 2 seconds will be used. Once data is arriving, GRAB will continue to collect data until no further data is received for 100mS. All carriage returns (ASCII 13) and commas will be replaced with spaces in returning data. Note GRAB works only with serial arriving data, not user entered or TCP data currently.
    • !WAIT time - Pauses execution for the number of seconds given.
    • !SPLT data - Splits the data based upon the Parse Character (!PCHR ;). Data split may be retrieved using (PARSE0) (PARSE1) etc.
    • !SRAW data - Sends the string provided without adding a carriage return.
    • !MOFF ON/OFF - Disables the message window from opening automatically.
      !MOFF ON
  • Example: Placing the XBee into command mode and changing the destination address, such as to a DL of 2.  The general sequence of events for configuring is:
    • Wait 2 seconds for a Guard Time
    • Send +++ with no carriage return
    • After 2 seconds OK is returned from unit as being in command mode.
    • Send AT command of ATDL 2
    • OK is returned
    • Send AT command of ATCN to exit command mode.
    • OK is returned from unit
      Code for the sequence:
      !WAIT 2
      !SRAW +++
      !GRAB 3
      !STAT (GRAB)
      !SEND ATDL 2
      !STAT (GRAB)
      !SEND ATCN
      !STAT (GRAB)

Release 7.0 Updates 
* READ *

  • This release marks a change in the licensing scheme and registration codes. 

    • A single code is being used for all versions.  This code has CHANGED from prior versions to remove
      the licensing controls that were causing issues.

    • The Home/Educational version has been removed from the installation.

    • The FULL VERSION is available for use by home and educational users for FREE!
      Registration codes DO NOT need to be entered for home/educational use, though licenses 
      may be purchased for $25 to support this product's continued development.

    • Non-Educational / non-home use requires purchase of a license.

    • If you had a prior license, and would like to new codes, please Email us, preferably with a screen shot
      of your "About" window for your current version of StampPlot. 

    • This release installs to new directories and shortcuts so as not to overwrite older licensed versions.

    • StampPlot can now perform multiple expressions in a single line.

    • Spaces MUST be used between each value/operation.

    • Operations are performed left to right, unless additional brackets are used.

    • The old way is optional in case this way causes problems.
      OLD:  !STAT [[2,*,5],+,3]
      NEW: !STAT [2 * 5 + 3]
      for precedence:
      !STAT [2 * [5 + 3]]
      using other operations:
      !STAT [(AINVAL0) * 50 + 3 / 3 SIN Format 0.00]

    • If you distribute your macros and use "new math", ensure users upgrade their product.

  • A bug with a plot glitch when the maximum points is reached has been fixed.

  • The Immediate window will no longer clear automatically.

  • The selection of COM port and !PORT instructions has been modified to allow port numbers > 9 (up to 15).


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