StampPlot Samples & Uses
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Distributed Systems and Materials using StampPlot:

Process Control
Martin Hebel with William Devenport
Uses StampPlot for illustrations of many control principles. developed an educational system for K-12 on renewable energy resources -- the "Renewable Energy Educational Lab" or REEL Power.

StampPlot is used to plot data from a solar panel, wind turbine, fuel cell and soon other sources of renewable energy.

Great educational system and we are pleased to be in partnership with them!

REEL Power System


SelmaWare Examples:

taos_tcs_230_sm.JPG (57520 bytes)
Samples using Parallax Sensors
- TAOS TCS230 Color Sensor
- More to come soon!

Example interface using the Atmel AVR and programming in CodeVisionAVR.
Fully configured, controlled, and read.
logged_dump_03-12_at_12-57-11.jpg (59299 bytes) Revised version of the logged data dump example distributed with StampPlot.

Click Here

bsac.jpg (43832 bytes) Monitor and Control the Basic Stamp Activity Board.

Click Here

wpeF.gif (19453 bytes)

wpeD.gif (47013 bytes) Create web pages of your plots and data.

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User Examples:

Another from Stuart Weightman! An underwater ROV controlled via StampPlot!
Weather station with specialized graphics from James Schall
A great example of using specialized graphics.
See it!
defaul1.jpg (20313 bytes) GUI from user Stuart Weightman
What do you get when you mix StampPlot, BASIC Stamps, Bluetooth, Wireless Cams and Robotics?
Click and find out!
roof_t1.jpg (22050 bytes) Juliana, a 3rd grader, used DS1620 Temperature sensors, BS2 and StampPlot to determine the effect of roof colors on house temperature for her science experiment.  Great Project and we were sure happy to have StampPlot a part of it!

Full article from her father Brian.

wsfpic.jpg (17318 bytes) Will, a 6th grader, used DS1620 Temperature sensors, external I2C EEPROM, and a BS2 to log data of the effects of heating a room with a fireplace and the effects of heat exchangers and ceiling fan on room temperature.  The logged data was then dumped to StampPlot using the historical graphing features.  Very impressive project. 

Read his report in pdf format.

Monitoring a hotframe for tomato growing.  Great example using a non-standard source, drawing features, multiple analog channels and other great aspects!

Read about this project



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