In this example, the distributed logged data macro has been revised.

The biggest change is the addition of the Dump Data Check Box.  A delete data log button has also been added.

Below is sample BS2 code.  The BS2 reads the value of the Dump checkbox (chkDump).  If it is checked, it sends data which could represent logged data.  Once the data is sent, the check box is cleared by the BS2.

(partial code)
CheckDump = 0
Gosub ReadDump
IF CheckDump = 1 Then DumpData'If 1 returned, dump data
Pause 500  'Waste some time
'Other data saving routines
Goto Loop

'Read stampPlot to see if dump is selected
DEBUG "!READ (ChkDUMP)",CR'Read check box
SERIN 16,84,100,TimeOut,[DEC CheckDump] 'accept data
Pause 100 'Allow echo to clear

Note, the macro file is named logged.spm.  You may replace the current logged macro in the macro/spp_pobj directory, run directly from here, or save in other locations.




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