As we work to complete the help files, current development versions of them can be found here. Please be aware the software is being tweaked as we write the help files and some examples may not work as shown in the help files.

We hope to have the final release completed June 1st, 2023.


Welcome to the MakerPlot-J Beta!

Test for Free!

Thank you to the past and current MakerPlot users in home, education, and industry use. A version of the software was first released in the year 2000, written in Visual Basic 6. Over the next 20 years it went through numerous changes and updates, but being in a ‘dead’ language, not being cross-platform compatible, and suffering from code-bloat and limited expandability over its evolution, we finally began a complete a rewrite in early 2020.

MakerPlot is essentially an HMI for interfacing to microcontroller and other devices. It allows plotting, metering of analog and digital data and interactive control of devices.

While it’s intended for use is in conjunction with electronic devices, use as a rapid-development GUI for simple tasks is a great use as well!

We are comfortable with the operation of the software but will remain in beta officially until the help files are complete.


MakerPlot-J has the following operational limits of the following until registered with a MakerPlot license from

-          30 Day operational limit after which time serial connections cannot be made and many menu functions will not operate.

-          Within the 30 days but not registers there is a limit of:

o   30-minute continuous serial connection limit.

o   Only the first 10 control existing on an interface will be saved. This included modified installed interfaces.

There will be a price increase when the new finalized version is officially released.


·         Prior version totally written from scratch in Java to allow cross-platform use.

·         Easily formatted code for analog and digital data from a microcontroller to MakerPlot-J.

·         10 Channels of data per plot for both analog digital data.

·         Interactive Controls – Read interface controls directly from your microcontroller.

·         Choose from pre-defined interfaces or create your own.

·         Rapid interface development, drag and drop placement, resizing, moving.

·         Easily written code with contextual help and auto-complete.

·         Built-in help for instructions/properties and HTML references (in progress).

·         High level math operations such as standard deviation.

·         Conditional data logging and direct files writes.

·         Interfaces can be created from the controller’s output.

·         Graphics functions to virtualize data.

·         Ability to use your own images for controls and backgrounds.

·         Auto-updater to keep your software up to date.

·         Control instructions are NOT compatible with prior versions.


Video Support

To support Beta Testers, we’ve made a few videos (not professional quality) to help get you started.

YouTube MakerPlot-J Beta Channel

Other quick videos can be made on request.


 Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated

Specific Beta Uses of Interest

While all feedback is great, we are particularly interested in feedback concerning:

·        Check your installation directory fairly frequently – Let us know if an error file is generated there.

·        Issues involving various features of the software & useability.

·        Correct file paths when creating interfaces and associated files outside of the MakerPlot directory.
Remember – you CAN use your own graphics with all features! See the built-in reference files for recommendations on this  - Quick Start for Beta.

·        Non-US/English users, especially those with different number formats. While there is no special coding for those users, we are interested in useability as-is.

·        User-made interfaces and uses are of great interest. We would be very interested where the interface uses a full image and information is integrated with the interface image.

·        The use of canvas control’s for ‘animated’ images (a series of images based on actions of the interface/controller). Such as images of an industrial process showing the system status in various states of operation with changing images.

·        The use of the canvas control for specialized graphics based on use.

·        Specialized graphics for image-buttons, hover image use.

·        Uses beyond microcontroller interactivity and what features could enhance that use of it.

MakerPlot-J Forum

We ask that you register-on and use our new Forum for questions and posting information. While we will try to respond promptly, but much of our focus is on completing work on the software and files. Please feel free to answer each other’s questions where you can. If you NEED to, please directly Email us:

·        MakerPlot-J Forum

Windows Installation Notes:

·        It currently installs to C:\MakerPlot-J

·        The installer SHOULD create a link from your start menu, but if not, open from the directory. The actual software is a .jar file, but there is an .exe launcher for it.

·        The software has built-in version-checking to keep you notified of new releases. Information concerning revision changes may be found at the following link and through the software’s Help menu.
View Revision Notes

Now certified for Windows Installation!

We are currently releasing the Window’s 64-Bit version while cleaning up some things for the Mac-OS. The software on Linux has not been tested yet.

Windows 64-Bit Installer
Updated March 4th, 2023.


Windows 32-Bit

Not building unless requested


File Icons still need work
Fully operational associations still need work


Not tested yet by us. Send proof of testing and get a free license!

Distributor – LearnOnLine, Inc

MakerPlot’s Distributor Website – Current license sold work on this version, get yours before the prices increase when this version leaves beta.